Why outsource information technology and technical support?

Many companies choose to outsource their information technology, because:

  • Cost: The company is not large enough to warrant an employee to provide the company with in-house information technology provision and technical support. Outsourcing information technology costs the company a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house information technology specialist.
  • Skills: Technology requires multiple disciplines to achieve the company's technology objectives. This very often requires more than one person on staff or a high end information technology specialist to perform what is necessary. By outsourcing, the resources to fulfill the information technology objectives can be garnered across several technical staff members and appropriate solution can be planned and implemented.
  • Quicker problem resolution: Problems persist, in many cases, across several companies, for example: updates, installation of software. The resolution to these problems in most cases have been corrected elsewhere, as a result the experience gained elsewhere can be applied quickly.
  • Faster implementation: Outsourced technology providers have clients that span several industries. Each industry tends to have a common set of requirements. A standard framework for the industry can be used for the company as a base and any additional company specific requirements can be added on top. This model allows for a faster creation of the technology plan and ultimately faster implementation.

What does outsourced information technology and technical support include?

Technology planning
  • Assessing existing technology and systems.
  • Mapping technology to business goals.
  • Future technology spending.
  • Project plan to achieve technology goals.
  • Create clarity as to how technology functions in the business.
  • Ensure the business is not left behind due to technology.
  • Increase staff retention by having current equipment and software.
Implementation and maintenance of technology plans Implementation of both the hardware, software and documentation aspects of a technology plan.
  • Peace of mind that what was planned is implemented.
  • Greater understanding of the business ultimately increasing level of service being delivered.
Implementation of business systems End to end implementation of business systems including:
  • Business process analysis.
  • Business process documentation.
  • Business process planning and implementation.
  • Researching the best and most cost effective software solution for enhancing and simplifying business processes.
  • Installation, configuration and support of the software.
  • Assurances that the most appropriate software has been used.
  • Peace of mind that every aspect of the software has been considered and that the software is used to its maximum benefit for the business.
Application and technical support Every software application used, irrespective of the vendor, is supported. This also includes all the "How do I...?".
  • Removing the frustrations of trying to resolve a problem.
  • Comfort that there is help should it be needed.
Network management Managing the day to day running of the network including:
  • Security and systems monitoring
  • Servers and workstations
  • Software updates and patches
  • Website(s)
  • Email
  • Peace of mind that all the aspects are being monitored.
  • Freedom to focus on the core business and know that all the important background processes are running.
Disaster recovery management Disaster management is a process that is executed when a disaster strikes a business, for example: server crashes, office building burns down. This aspect includes:
  • Creation of a disaster recovery plan.
  • Automation of the disaster recovery creation process.
  • Monitoring and testing the disaster recovery process.
  • Offsite back up management.
  • Peace of mind that company data is protected.
Asset management Manage technology assets including:
  • Servers and workstations.
  • Software.
  • Organization of software.
  • Secure destruction of obsolete software.
  • Environmentally friendly electronic waste disposal. 
  • Knowing that all company assets are tracked
  • Comfort in knowing which software is legitimate
Technology purchasing
  • Hardware.
  • Software.
  • Independent purchasing - no exclusive contracts signed with vendors.
  • No mark-up and no commissions on purchases.
  • Discounts from vendors where iBusiness Vantage is a reseller.
  • iBusiness Vantage works with customers preferred suppliers.
  • Knowing that purchases are acquired at good value prices.


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