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Corporate IT provides clients the ultimate quality technology-based services, IT support, IT strategic planning, and network management. With the utmost quality and consistency, we take care of all the daily issues that can arise on your network and with your individual users. The key to this high quality service offering is the Corporate IT Team, our professional engineering & consulting staff, our Help Desk and our top class support tools.

Our Goal

Leveraging the intellect of our empowered people we are able to deliver optimised, cost-effective solutions to deliver a consistent and high level of IT management, security, support and consulting that truly delivers the right end results. Our fixed fee based support model delivers predictable managed service for a predictable price.


Apart from providing technology we benefit your enterprise by giving expert advice and guidance, ensuring that your business processes and corporate vision are compatible.

Building your confidence to grow your business.

Comprehensive Outsourced Information Technology and Support

Bringing business and technology into focus, through planning

Each industry tends to have a common set of requirements. A standard framework can be used for the company as a base and any additional company specific requirements can be added on top. This model allows for a faster implementation of the technology planning and implementation.

Premium Provider of Outsourced Information Technology

for small to medium sized businesses

Corporate IT provides comprehensive Outsource Information Technology and Support for all aspects of technology. The service includes the aspects included in the Outsourced Chief Technology Officer services, the implementation of the plan and maintenance of all technology systems.


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