1. Initial meeting
A meeting is held with client's senior management to learn about the business. The process looks at the high level aspects of the business. The process usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

The meeting at minimum discusses the following:

  • Understanding the business goals.
  • Profit centers.
  • Understanding the core business model and key processes to generate profit.
  • Competitive advantage analysis.
  • Use of technology to generate profit.
  • Use of technology by customers, consultants and vendors to interact with the company.
  • Potential new profit centers using technology.
  • Potential methods to reduce expenses using technology.

2. Evaluation of client's company
After the initial meeting is complete, a framework is in place to learn more about the finer details of how the company operates.

  • Current hardware and software installed on the network and on workstations.
  • Use of technology by users, consultants vendors on the network.
  • Remote access to the network.
  • Security of network and data.
  • Security policy.
  • Complete hardware and software audit.
  • Back up systems and disaster recovery.
  • Current data organization.

3. The plan
After all the initial data has been collected, a plan is assembled that covers the following areas:

  • Security and policies.
  • Backup and disaster recovery management.
  • Data management.
  • Remote access and collaboration systems.
  • Upgrades to hardware and software to meet business growth, objectives and process improvements.
  • Maximize the use of existing technology.
  • Implementation plan.
  • Budget to reach the objectives.

4. Implementation

  • 48 hours notice before any outage takes place.
  • Outages that affect users are done after regular business hours, either after 6:00 PM or over weekends.
  • Tracked budget, in order to track the actual costs versus the budgeted costs.
  • Easy contact fort any support and implementation questions.
  • Key aspects of the network documented.


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