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How does Corporate IT manage my network?
Corporate IT manages the network remotely. Corporate IT has full access to all machines, using its own account and profile. Corporate IT will visit client's premises when there is a physical requirement to do so, such as installing new hardware or moving equipment around the office.

My staff have deadlines, and I do not want them to be interrupted during office hours. When does Corporate IT do their work on the network?
Work that affects users is done during non peak office hours, typically after 6:00 PM and on weekends. Work that needs to be that is behind the scenes, and does not affect users is done during office hours. In some cases it is necessary to do work that affects users, as there is no choice, for example hardware failure. The key here is to create processes, such as disaster recovery, in advance as this places a hedge against such situations and the downtime is kept to a minimum. The overall philosophy is to give the appearance that everything is running smoothly without interruption.

Does Corporate IT have full access to our corporate data?
Yes. Corporate IT has access to all corporate data. Corporate IT sets up a contract with all clients to protect client data. Corporate IT will not view data, unless there is a requirement to do so. Particular discretion is applied to sensitive data, and will avoid viewing such data. Examples include: salaries, strategic plans.

Is there a way to prevent Corporate IT from having full access to our corporate data?
Not really. Corporate IT could apply permissions to corporate data to prevent access; however to apply effective and timely application support Corporate IT needs full access to the data. Because Corporate IT is the administrator of the network, the permissions can be reversed and file accesses times can be changed to hide the viewing of specific documents. The best way to protect you the client is, contractually.

How much does Corporate IT charge for its services?
Corporate IT charges a flat monthly fee. The fee varies from client to client, as each client has unique technology needs. The fees are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that it is fair to both parties. Fees are adjusted accordingly.

Why does Corporate IT charge a flat fee?
Corporate IT charges a flat fee because:
A flat fee represents value for service and not effort. Corporate IT is a value based provider.
Users have the freedom to call or email for support without feeling that their request is wasting the company's money.
Corporate IT has the freedom to implement systems that streamline the use of the network or implement systems that help users without having to justify the work with the management of the company.
Clients can budget for the network support easily, without having to be concerned about budget overruns.

How do I know whether Corporate IT is providing great value?
This is a tough question to answer. In most cases you will know intuitively if the service is working for you. Prior to hiring Corporate IT we would strongly recommend calling our existing clients who are of a similar size and complexity to your organization and hear for yourself the type of service and value delivered. If you have the time you are welcome to call any of Corporate IT's clients.


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