Corporate IT, based in West Vancouver, is mainly focused on helping small to medium sized companies with their computer technology. We bring features that were traditionally available only to large enterprises to small to medium size companies in a cost effective manner.


The best way to describe how Corporate IT, philosophically, approaches implementing technology can be best compared to a subsection of aspects that needs to be looked at when buying a business.

Business process

The foundation of any business, is the business process. It represents, the products and services that customers buy. Every business has some form of process, even though it may not be apparent or may appear to be sporadic. Technology is increasingly playing a larger role in supporting the business process, but not creating it; as the business on its own knows how to generate profits. Examples of where technology can support business processes are:

  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Document management systems
  • Collaboration systems


Profit is what is left over after all the expenses have been paid. Eliminating and streamlining expenses increases profit. In addition additional business processes can be added to generate additional revenue. Technology can play an important role in reducing expenses and and creating additional revenue streams. Examples include:
E-commerce websites
Commoditizing intellectual products and selling them as inventory items


How much time of management and owners of the company is required to generate profit? How many hours a day or per week are required to run the business? Time is a finite commodity. Technology can help streamline and automate time consuming processes to save time. The streamlining of these processes can also generate additional profit, time to market and market share.


Where can business be conducted? Can work only be performed at specific locations? Can work be done remotely from anywhere? With the Internet, technology can now break the boundaries of location. Staff can now work remotely, resources can be drawn from all over the world and collaboration of work is easier then ever. The savings in office space and access to data remotely can represent significant cost savings.


Technology forms the support backbone for business processes. Technology is not a process; however it can make a huge difference in the way businesses run, generate profits and the flexibility to do business.

"Your technology, Your advantage"



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